Working from home turned out to be can make more stress

Working from home turned out to be can make more stress

According to a recent study from the International Labour Organization (International Labor Organization/ILO) that working from home can cause insomnia, stress and loneliness.


The report raised the theme of working anytime and anywhere, as well as the impact on the habits of work of three groups of workers, i.e. people who work regularly at home, employees who shared a room between home and Office, as well as those working in some places outside the Office.


They did a study in 15 countries which include the United States, Japan and 10 European countries.


Researcher Jon Messenger warns, when communication technology allows workersto work outside of the Office, this can obscure the “boundaries between work and personal life, depending on the work and karaktersitik different jobs.”


The study found that people who worked outside a welfare office are vulnerable to the negative effects of bad health and experience.


Nearly half (41 percent) of employees who are highly mobile reporting higher levels of stress than Office workers.


The study also found, 42 percent of them experiencing insomnia compared to 29 percent of regular office workers.


People who work outside of the Office tend to work longer hours, and many feel isolated and lack of informal information that exists in the workplace.


To correct this gap, ILO recommends the existence of part-time telecommunicationsformally so people who work from home can stay in a relationship with their co-workers.


They might be able to come into the Office a couple of days of week to re connectpersonally, as reported by the pages of Real Simple.