Women should be “selfish” to make it more healthy

Women should be selfish to make it more healthy

Women should be "selfish" to make it more healthy

The attention lavished on female family often made them forget to selfish aka concerned with himself.


As a result, physical health occupies the second lowest priority in the life of the woman, the knot survey Fonterra Brands Indonesia and Indonesia Osteoporosis Society (PEROSI) this year.


When the woman forgot to take care of themselves, they are at risk of suffering from the disease is higher than men, terrmasuk the musculoskeletal diseases which include joints, bones and muscles where women have the disease risk twice.


“You have more investment in taking care of their families and do work at home,” said the General Secretary of PEROSI while a specialist sports Andi Kurniawan in the Anlene #TetapBisa in Jakarta, Wednesday.


Than men, tend to spend more time taking care of children and do housework. On the other hand, working mothers have less time for exercise and relaxation.


In order to avoid viewing from diseases of bones, joints and muscles, Andi recommend physical activity at least 30 minutes in a day of brisk walking or weight training.


“There should be to the gym, at home by lifting the child as a burden, for example,” said Andi.


In addition to active exercising, eating nutritious vegetables is also essential to reduce the risk of diseases of bones, joints and muscles.


According to the World Health Organization WHO, diseases of bones, joints and muscles can be a major barrier to live healthy and active.


This disease is the second-largest cause of disability worldwide in which 2 of 5 the sufferer experiencing limitations in activity. The limitation of physical activity due to diseases of the bones, joints and muscles even increased 45 percent from 1990 to 2010.