Wakai Shoes for Traveling

It’s now recognized I took my first journey on a aircraft in years. I went to Anaheim, California, for an entertainment conference. When I was planning all of my traveling, I discovered I didn’t have a couple of footwear that have been so gentle I may spend the complete day in them, and never desire to soak my ft all nighttime time as soon as the footwear got here off. At least now not ones that have been simple to take away throughout safety on the airport! I’d tried Tieks, they didn’t work properly for my feet. Next up?  Wakai. Oh yeah, I did some primary traveling with  Wakai.

Traveling with Wakai Shoes

Traveling with Sepatu Wakai facilitates me get round much of hassles. Seriously, here’s the difficulty with airplane journey when you’re now not area of the “in crowd.” And by “in crowd” I imply these tourists who journey so much, they’ve got the possibility of making use of for the “get by means of safety with out having to be positioned by means of scanners, or take footwear off.” The final time I was on an airplane was in 2008, and the subsequent time is anyone’s guess. Which is fine. I’m nice with being a much less widespread traveler…..until I get within the airport and need to soar stripping, operating these plastic bins, and being positioned by means of a scanner that may trigger Cancer. I’m now not certain if that’s true, but it’s what I’ve been informed by many people. I got lucky, they simply had me pass by means of the vintage variety ones. The line was getting too backed up for the “let me see you naked” scanner.



Doesn’t subject which method you get “checked,” you nonetheless need to take away your shoes, your jacket, and location all of your crap in these little, gray plastic bins. Awesome. What’s the final factor I desire to be doing whereas on this line? Untying, or unzipping, footwear and boots. Slip-on footwear are the in basic terms possibility to go, but most slip-on footwear suck. They’re flimsy, and aren’t comfortable. You cease up with throbbing feet. I’m now not into fashion, for essentially probably the foremost part. I gown for comfort, and if I occur to appear good, properly all of the better. At least whereas traveling.

A respectable pal of mine pronounced  Wakai, so I checked them out on-line after which decided after the Tieks journey now not to order online. It can be greatest to pass to the store, strive them on, and purchase them. Off to the <gulp> mall I went, with one other friend, simply NULL days earlier than I was leaving. I tried on simply several sizes, and discovered one which fit me perfectly. The vintage me, the sensible me, was going to get a impartial colour I may positioned on with anything. Instead, I went for the colour that reigns on this house: ORANGE. Apparently, orange is the brand new black…..at least that’s what the television present says!


Well, I made simply several fine purchases for this trip. My digital camera bag, my 17-pockets jacket and my  Wakai. It’s difficult to select which was the final greatest purchase…..but I need to say,  Wakai may be the total winner. I felt like I was donning slippers the complete day of journey from Long Island to California, after which once more on the return journey home. I ought to have had them on the complete trip, even for the conference on the hotel, and my go to to Disneyland and California Adventure. It was simply too hot for me to have my ft contained in a shoe. I needed to positioned on sandals. It was MANDATORY understanding I’d be returning to snow, ice and chilly in New York in simply 6 days!

If you’re traveling, and also you desire to really sense like you’ve got slippers on the complete trip, get your self some  Wakai shoes. I’m going to need to appear into their sandals for this summer, simply due to the fact man, they understand how you can make your ft happy! Plus,  Wakai brand provides once more in a vast way.