Types Of Plants For Balcony

There are several types of plants that you can choose to decorate the area. Generally, there is a crop of Bush or running down. Everything is beautiful and fits on the balcony wall, apply especially if Your balcony area get sufficient sunlight.

If you want a kind of flowering plant, you can choose tembelekan (Lantana Camara),performance (performance hybrids), vinca (vinca rosea), petunia and many more. Specific to the Petunia, the flowers will not be as much and as big when jasa pembuatan taman minimalis there are in the region is cool, but still worth a try. While for other types of ornamental plant leaves, you can try a variety of calathea, honeycomb blood, syngomnium, ivory or chives.Variety of this plant can be combined with each other.

You can plant these types of plants in pots that are pasted on walls or fences. Use a lightweight media (other than land), for example like chaff or kokopit mixed with manure or compost.

Garden on the roof or roof garden not only to add or enhance the look of greeneryat home, loh! As it turns out, the roof garden can benefit more than it is. Architect, Riri Novriansyah in Kansai Paint event, mentioning that the roof garden indirectly can also cool the spaces underneath.

“It’s the principle of the green roof. So, if dak was hot and to save how much time going down, instead of grass, with its nature when it is cooler. After being exposed torain or heat, the heat can evaporate so it is not up to the deck, “he said. Not only that, as a principle of green design, according to Riri, roof garden green area contribute to the environment. “During this time if all the environment of its nature, the surrounding area also come into heat, but with the roof-roof means we add a green area,” he added.

To make it, certainly a lot of things to be aware of. Riri explains, conventionally, thedak was given concrete plate and add some layer of insulation to the ground. “So, the first given waterproofing, then coral or pumice stone, Palm fiber, sand, then the ground around 10 cm,” said Riri.