Things That Make Face Trivial Fast Ugly and Old

Without realizing most people always do some bad habits in . One of the bad habits that may most often committed by a few people are lazy to clean your face when you go to sleep at night. Although this practice seems trivial but you know, the impact of the consequences of this bad habit is very large. Even if it continues to do then this will cause the skin you be damaged making your face look ugly and old.
make face to be ugly and old fast
Well in addition to lazy to clean the face at night, here are some other bad habits that should be avoided because it can make the face become ugly and looks old fast.
1. Frequent polishing Birthday Make Up
Before leaving the house and going to move, most women always polishing their faces with makeup. This is something reasonable because with makeup then their faces would look more beautiful and fres so as to make them become more confident in their daily living activities.
But unfortunately, the make-up used during the morning often do not last a full day and often tend to be quicker to fade after a few hours of use. To overcome this, most women usually make up the always polish them back so that they face to be beautiful and refreshed. Habits polish makeup or wearing make-up many times it turns out it is not good for our skin. It is not advisable, because the faces that have been exposed to several hours of makeup is usually mixed with the sweat and bacteria, thus polishing powder will only clog the pores. As a result, the skin easily breakouts and irritation.
2. Sleep With Dirty Faces
Many people often forget or even lazy to clean his face when going to sleep at night. Sometimes they feel exhausted after a long day of so went straight to bed without washing his face first dahulus. In fact, sleep with a dirty face is one cause of skin problems. In addition to making facial breakouts, lazy to clean your face at night will make your face look dull and quickly became older than his actual age.
3. Using Cosmetic Abal-Abal
Cosmetics fake aplenty in the market, if we are not smart in choosing and buying cosmetics could then you will get low-quality cosmetics. The use of fake cosmetics is very bad for your skin and can damage the skin. Now, therefore do not ever be tempted to buy cheap cosmetics that promise this and that. Choose cosmetics that are completely reliable and has been listed in BPOM course.
4. Too Often Using Facial Scrub
Facial scrub is very important but if done too often then it is also not good because it can make your skin becomes thinner and more susceptible to irritation. If you want to exfoliate with a scrub the face then you should do at least once in a week. Not too often because the impact is not good for your skin itself, abolished the face becomes more beautiful but it actually would have been otherwise.
5. Using Make Up kadarluasa
Then trivia latter is often use makeup that is already out of date. There are some women who sometimes feel pity to throw away their makeup that is already out of date with the reasons for the price is very expensive makeup. Whereas the use of make-up that is already out of date or passed its useful life can damage the skin if it still continues to be used. Therefore, do not forget to always check the date on your cosmetic kadarluasa. If the date has passed then discard it and buy a new one so that your skin remains healthy and well maintained.