These Easter eggs are sold at a price of Rp403 million

These Easter eggs are sold at a price of Rp403 million

A chocolate shop that specializes in the manufacture of chocolate giant, Choccywoccydoodah, make chocolate Easter eggs.

The chocolate stores make three giant Easter eggs, one of which has a weight of 100 kg. Chocolate-brown has detail drawings on the walls.

The chocolate factory also made a collection of four large Easter eggs. According to a spokesperson for Coccywoccydoodah, Daniel Collenette, seven eggs were sold at a price of 125,000 us dollars or about Rp1,63 billion.

The chocolate factory has two stores each in London and Brighton it was also selling the giant Easter eggs in a unit where Easter eggs with a weight of 100 kg was sold at a price of 31,000 u.s. dollars or about Rp403 million.

Last year, a collection of three Easter eggs on offer at a price of 31,000 u.s. dollars (Rp403 million) or 12,000 us dollars ($ 156 million) per terlur.

The store also sells chocolate Easter eggs with your choice of a smaller size, including one city contains five eggs chocolate Easter egg-like-sized duck, at a price of 38 u.s. dollars or around Rp 494 thousand, according to ABC News.

Tiara with brandnya “Sabila Syari Fashion by Tiara Sjafruddin” showing the design of clothing twice during the exhibition that attracted the attention of the muslim community of the city of London it is.

He was very surprised by the Muslims of London called the same as in Indonesia. “Antuisme them on muslim fashion turns out to be very good,” said Tiara.
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The design of Moslem paper Tiara presented models United Kingdom more glamour with knick knacks as well as hoods, while on the first day of the couture shown is the more everyday syari clothing simple.