These 5 hawker that Thailand must try

These 5 hawker that Thailand must try

The roads to Bangkok, Thailand, is not complete without trying a roadside hawker, street food, which is open almost 24 hours.


When you stay at the center of the city, such as the Si Lom and Siam, no need to worry about running out of food because food service very easily found along the sidewalks, cafes or roadside stalls.


Five hawker it must try and easy to come by in the street of Bangkok with affordable price. We recommend that you prepare the baht in small fractions in order not todifficult.


1. Tea Thailand (Thai Tea)
Typical Thailand tea indeed can be found anywhere, even many outlets in Jakarta malls that sell them. But, there is no harm in trying directly at the place of origin. Mix the concentrated tea with milk is ideal during the day, cold drink while you stroll around Bangkok’s heat.


Remember, just say milk tea, or chaa yen in the local language. Some traders put upthe face puzzled when we order the Thai tea.


2. Papaya Salad
SOM tam or papaya salad is made of shaved young papaya seasoned savory fish sauce, sliced red onion, and tomato pieces. Fresh salad comes from the lime juice plus a spicy cayenne pepper, plus a sprinkling of peanuts.


Papaya salad is eaten with sticky rice fits (such as sticky rice) or to eat meat FRY/bake.


3. Pad Thai
These foods are most often found at the side of the road, like fried noodles tek-tek in Indonesia. Pad Thai noodle like wearing Shahe rice noodle or fried seasoned fish sauce, shallots and garlic, and then given the seafood such as shrimp.


At first glance, is indeed similar to Pad Thai noodles fried seafood. But, the food is fresh, crunchy bean sprouts wear when bitten and Thailand cuisine mandatory seasoning, lemon.


4. Salad Catfish
In Thailand, the catfish can be found in the form of salad with a sweet, sour and spicy. The Fried Catfish was given meat fish sauce, red onion, lime juice and chili.


This catfish salad can also be added coriander leaves (cilantro) or peanuts when youlike.


5. Mango Sticky rice


These foods are very easy to find in Bangkok, at the side of the road up to around in the Mall. Sticky rice, similar to sticky rice in Indonesia, this savory watered a little coconut milk when to eat.


A portion of this street food usually contains setangkup sticky rice which was givenhalf the cut strips of mango and sweet topping wijeb. Suitable for spicy food Thailand bidder or enjoyed with milk tea.