PropertyGuru Named Top Brand for Online Property Search in Asia

PropertyGuru Named Top Brand for Online Property Search in Asia

PropertyGuru, Asia’s leading online property group, parent company of, in an event titled “Celebrating Entrepreneurship and Brand Leadership in Asia” Award Ceremony & Knowledge Sharing, Monday (7/11) in Singapore, was awarded as Top Brand For Online Property Search in Asia.

The award initiated by InfluentialBrands┬« – a body set up to gain a consumer’s view of a brand through a variety of research methods – is given to a number of brands that are considered to be of strong quality. The award for ‘Top Brand’ is also awarded only to brands that are able to provide products or services that are considered important to their customers.

“By holding this award means InfluentialBrands┬« recognizes the benefits of Asian brands. And everything is certainly based on research and also the results of a deep identification, “said Lewis Ng, Chief Business Officer of PropertyGuru Group to

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Lewis also added that there are a number of criteria on which the Top Brand is chosen by InfluentialBrands®, among others as follows:

Not just present widely but also much preferred
It is acceptable because of its attractive characteristics in which the brand’s judgment is made either consciously or unconsciously against the various focus and activations of the brand.
Trust; In which the consumer must know that the brand is indeed reliable and consistently able to promise the same value in every product or service
Give more value

These points certainly can not be achieved instantly but must be built from time to time consistently – both in terms of quality, service, knowledge, and experience. A influential brand is a brand that is able to build its reputation that they can be trusted and consistent.

“This award is like preserving our aspirations – to be a trusted reference for everyone looking for properties. And it certainly encourages us because things like this require a good emotional connection so we can be in a ‘circle of confidence’ of a person, “Lewis said.

“This award certainly evokes us to continue to drive our mission to assist people in making property decisions with confidence, with the support of highly relevant content, easy-to-apply insights and world-class services,” Lewis added.

“Surely we continue to strive to achieve that, striving to deliver more value to our advertising partners – both in terms of quantity and quality of leads to help accelerate the sales of our business partners.”

At this conferment not only PropertyGuru alone who won the award as Top Brand, but also a number of other famous brands. Call it like Lazada as Top Brand for Online Marketplace, Grab as Top Brand for Taxi Booking App, and others.