Nike will launch the hijab for muslim athletes

Nike will launch the hijab for muslim athletes

Nike will launch the hijab for muslim athletes

Nike will launch new products in the form of hijab for muslim athletes early next year, this move makes it the first major sports brand that makes the first hijab designed specifically for the competition, the company said as reported by Reuters.


Head covering under the brand “Pro Hijab” is designed so that the athletes can wear hijab without affecting appearance.


Made from a lightweight, flexible, hijab is expected to go on sale in early 2018.


Recently the hijab so one of the symbols of the Islamic culture is most visible in the US and Europe. Many women closing head with hijab as a sign of politeness.


With sensitivity in imugrasi and concerns over threats from Islamic hardliners, the hijab has triggered attacks on muslim women. At the same time, the hijab is a symbolof diversity held by Nike.


Muslim athletes visiting Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, outside Portland and complained of the difficulties of wearing hijab problem while competing.


According to Nike, the company consulted on muslim women athletes from around the world, including runners and bike athletes from the Middle East, in designing the hijab.


Other companies also began selling the hijab for muslim athletes.


Last year, the company’s sportswear Denmark Hummel made a dress ball players complete with hijab for women’s football team in Afghanistan.


Muslim athletes of non professionals have been using hijab Athletics from smaller companies from Nike.


However, Nike could make more and more Muslims to cultivate the sport without worry, said athletes lifting weights from the UAE Amna Al Haddad sponsored by Nikeand was one of the people who give consultation “Pro Hijab“.


(It will) encourage new generations to become a sportsman without feeling any restrictions because of fashion closed the Awrah,” said Haddad.