Mira Transitory, Beautiful Metal Guitarist Of Malay Origin

Mira Transitory, Beautiful Metal Guitarist Of Malay Origin

Beautiful 21-year-old guitarist in the origin country neighbouring Malaisia named Mira new Mortal being warm in talking about the citizens of cyberspace. Starting fromvideo cover he uploaded on the website of yutube featuring jual gitar akustik to play guitar as well as cover songs rock band.

No responsibility was paced Heavy Metal and Speed Metal band like Led Zeppelin,Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Loudness he heartily runs out and no doubtmake minder House adam who saw it.

Sure enough, after the search team  more in the owner name Amirah Farhanah David this is the former guitarist of the band Velvet. Due to not fitting with the Velvet music genre more towards pop rock, Mira desperate to quit the band and solo moves.

Reported by the Daily Metro, Mira became interested in and learned guitar in self-taught when himself was 10, he felt jealous at the sight of the kaka, Amir Faisal, 25, reliable guitar playing and then asked her to teach him.

“I asked him to teach me to play the guitar. Perhaps because of the interest, I am a quick learner and so on self-study from books, the Internet and diligent practice, “he said.

Interest in Mira also got support from ayaha, David Ahmad, 49, who is also a penikmatt rock music.

“Since childhood I’ve heard with music rock such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Loudness and so much more. Almost every father’s day play their songs at home. Gradually I enjoy. “he said.

Mira also idolizes Whitesnake guitarist, Doug Aldrich, Kirk Hammett (Metallica), JimiHendrix and Gary Moore as well as Man is left-handed and Allahyarham Samad.

the popularity of the students majoring in graphics Multimedia University (MMU) asguitarist from guitar games video which he uploaded to YouTube. Since then, Mira is increasingly recognized and getting a lot of attention and support not only fromMalaysia, but out of State.

Almost every video uploadnya reached more than 15.000 view, moreover she is a female guitar player from Malaysia who rarely can outsiders watching the action.

Mira which meant playing the riff and solo guitar songs like Wasted Years (Iron Maiden), a Tornado of Soul (Megadeth), Two Minutes To Midnight (Iron Maiden) and Crazy Doctor (Loudness) in its video on YouTube inviting many compliments in the comments from around the world. Thanks to that, Mira became one was invited to accompany the concert Lefthanded at Concerts Teaterikal our voice in the Palace of Culture

In her world that, Mira who used Epiphone Les Paul Guitar shows his prowess playing Wings along the se people more famous guitar players, Edrie Hashim. In addition,it undertook to make Mira solo instrumental creation titled Metal instrumentals.