Here are Tips on How to Eliminate Red Pimples

Acne oh acne. That’s what we always complain about acne that is like a star that twinkling in our faces. Both teenagers to the elderly still have acne problems. The blushing acne will make the appearance less confident. For that article how to get rid of a red pimple is very necessary to support our appearance.
Know the causes of growth, the type of red acne and how to overcome them

The acne appears due to hormonal factors. So the skin is more sensitive and irritable. Acne is identical to teenagers who have just entered puberty. It is also similar to the lack of facial hygiene.

One of the causes is hormone factor and also the cosmetic element. Most women, especially careless in choosing cosmetics that cause skin shock and will irritate the face. Then came a pimple.

The circulation of cosmetics is what causes them to fall asleep and do not care about the type of face and the needs of their faces.

How to get rid of red pimples naturally.

Eliminating acne can be spelled out quickly, can also be considered difficult. That is enough to do care with care and do not forget painstaking. Sedulous is necessary to get maximum results.

Cleansing the face diligently and compressing with cold water can be one of the most effective. Two things are fundamental because cleaning the face with diligent to do because every day we move and do an activity. Dust always comes to us every day. So it must be diligently cleaned. Because the dust is a trigger of acne and dull skin.

Furthermore, to protect the face, often to be compressed with cold water. In this way, the pores will be docked so that the skin can be refreshed immediately after a day of sunburn.

How to remove acne stone in the face

The causes of stone acne are the genetic factors, bacteria, dead skin cells that accumulate, allergies, due to ultraviolet cyanar influences, due to skin type, and bad habits. Do not worry if the acne stone stuck in your face, just overcome by two powerful ways below:

Cleaning your face regularly

Using some natural ingredients, namely tomatoes, egg whites, lime juice, honey, and turmeric, potatoes, and pasta baking soda.

Two ways are indeed simple, but if done with really and painstaking, guaranteed acne stone quickly healed and will not land again.

How to remove acne on the forehead and forehead

Acne is more prevalent on the cheeks. But that does not mean that there is not around the forehead. Precisely acne will quickly spread to the forehead. How to clean it is almost the same as the acne that sticks to the cheek, which is always keeping the face clean.

Not only by cleaning the face, how to overcome the acne on the forehead should also be supported using the leaves of sandalwood, lemon, and fruit masks.

Because the forehead or forehead is very close to the hair, then do not forget to wash your hair, and avoid friction between the hair with acne. Frightened dirt or dust attached to the hair attached to the acne, so it aggravates acne. Do everything can be done regularly so that small pimples on the forehead will be lost.

How to remove red acne scars on the cheeks

Usually, acne that has healed will leave black marks on the cheeks mainly. Black spot acne scars that if not cleaned will cause a dull face and confidence to be disturbed. For that, we need a way to overcome them.

There are various ways can be used to remove acne scars one of them by using herbal tea herbs. The way by brewing tea as usual. The first tea drink water is drinkable, and the second wipe on acne scars by gently patting them. Wait about five minutes, just rinse with cold water.

Not only able to remove acne scars, but tea mask is also powerful to relieve pain arising from acne.

The above is a way to get rid of red pimples that can be done alone if you want more leverage is recommended to go to a dermatologist. So we will be briefed on how our skin type and what kind of treatment we can do.