Gia Federico Gutarist, Metal Shredder Left-handed Beautiful America

Gia Federico Gutarist, Metal Shredder Left-handed Beautiful America

GIA Federico or often accosted Gia G is guitarist shredder woman newcomer origin Boston, America, the name arose when he was uploading videos of his new works guitar istrumental ‘ The Chase ‘ on youtube which gained 284.000 views since a year ago.

In the video which lasted almost 4 minutes sekiatar the Gia seemed shrewd play various high level guitar techniques such as two handed taping, speed picking, sweep picking etc above freet board guitar jackson Left Handed model perfectly.

GIA was different with guitarist women in General, in addition to the beauty and the music is cool, the woman born on Nov 2, 1997 it is a left-handed guitarist, this thingthat makes fans gia grew over time. There’s not much left-handed women guitaristsin the world.

Start learning guitar since 10 years ago are self-taught from books and videolesson, but he started to focus in the bemusik since the last three years, the world’smost influential Guitarist in the style of the game and the music is eddie van halen, Jef beck yngwi Malmsten as well as guitar player he likes this time Michael Abdow and Tom Kopyto and Mechael McDowel.

No wonder, you will see the influence of big Edie van helen famous technique of two handed tapping gtar his popular guitar games are in the Gia federico.

“His influence on jeff beck, eddie van halen and Yngwie Malmsteen’s early, you can see the influence of Eddie vahalen big enough in the game his guitar.” says President of the Sheredguy American Michael Rechord McDowel via his cellphone to jual gitar moments in the opinion sought on Thursday Nov 13, yesterday.

He really liked the guitar jackson and Marshall Amplifiers, no wonder he is always seen wearing a jackson guitar models Left Handed as he perform walopun does not many guitarists who like against guitar jackson.

Currently the gia are working on a new video that will be in the selesaikanya this year. The GIA also managed to enter the Top 15 Female Hard Rock and Metal Guitar Shredders