A Complete Review Of The Canon Pixma

All-in-one printers are the must have in today’s society. Some users desire crisp documents in black text, while others want premium quality photos. Most of us desire both. Doing this has allowed the Canon Pixma MG6150 to build a high reputation for itself.

Other models include pigment, such as black, yellow, cyan and magenta inks. The printers ink usually work together to produce documents and photos. The new MG6150 does much more by providing additional gray ink. This allows for high quality black and white photo printing as well. It is great for a person who loves to create photos but also wants to print other documents. It offers a high-resolution print engine that’s based on 1PL (picolitre) ink droplets that’s also hooked up to a 4,800DPI, full 48-bit color scanner, enabling scans, prints and photocopies. It also has three memory card slots, which is compatibly with MS, MS Pro, MS Pro Duo, MS Due, CF, SDHC and other cards.

It’s crystal-clear 3-inch LCD and touch panel allows for excellent stand-alone printing and copying. The features of this printer is accentuated when in use. Other printers has also tried doing this by upgrading versions of their brands. Upgrading these features allows for a much more efficient interface.

Thanks to Canon’s logical printer software and full USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connective ability, printing from a PC or Laptop is easy. This allows its user to print from any location. As with other Canon printers, the MG6150 has a dual full-sized feed which also includes a cassette.

In various recorded tests, its print speeds were comparable to printers which has more ink cartridges. Its recorded as printing at 6 seconds for a tester, 16 seconds for color print DTP, 19 seconds for a 6 x 4-inch photo print and 2 minutes for a full sized A4 photo print. This attribute is considered very enchanting to its users.

Unlike other printers in its class, the MG6150 includes an additional gray cartridge that gives its user’s high monochrome fidelity. An added bonus is that you can also print directly onto CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs, unlike many all-in-ones. Its beautifully designed, though the appearance shows an absence of many buttons. Instead, the top cover acts as a touch panel whose icons become illuminated when active.

We liked-Print speeds are very impressive and much quicker than most other all-in-one printers. While it offers excellent document quality, it also offer excellent photo printing, vibrantly clear color and black-and-white output. The touch panel control adds simplicity and attractiveness to an already economical printer. Furthermore, is allows for the use of various media card slots, which enhances its versatility.

We disliked-There’s not much to dislike about the MG6150. Of course, it doesn’t have a stand-alone fax built in, but this isn’t a printer geared towards major business use. It’s a little bulky, measuring 470 by 173mm. These measurements are close and comparable to the average size of most all-in-one’s.

The cost of the Canon Pixma MG6150, is fairly inexpensive when compared to others in its class. It adds an extra gray cartridge for excellent monochrome photo printing and a more elegant touch panel. Offering auto duplex printing, double sided printing, direct disc printing and wide ranging connectivity, puts this printer in a class of its own. Recorded users have noted that the Canon Pixma is a great buy.