6 How to Save the dying Plant

6 How to Save the dying Plant

6 How to Save the dying Plant

Planting plants is one way that many elected to beautify the look of the House. These plants can give the impression of beautiful and green, in addition of course to give color to the home as well as various benefits for residents and the home jasa pembuatan taman jogja environment. However, it cannot be denied, not least also the unsuccessful planting a variety of plants in his home. Due to various reasons, those plants eventually wilting, change color to Brown, and then die. Then, is there any way to save it? Quoted from goodhousekeeping, there are 6 ways that can be used to save the dying plant. What’s it?

Move to the new Pot

According to Ashton Ritchie, a garden and lawn on the Scotts Miracle-Gro, move the plants already withered or looks tired into the pot with new soil can provide a considerable difference for the plant. Choose a pot with a slightly larger size than previous pots so roots can grow and survive.

Give a better Meal

Plants also need a healthy diet. Therefore, give the plants the best fertilizer and soil.However, try not to rush and laukan with slowly so that the roots of the plants are not particularly get a lot of “packed” in one time.

Do Not Direct Sunlight

The Sun is indeed good for plant growth, but move it to a place that is hot and exposed to sunlight while it is “sick” can make things worse. Until the plants are fresh again, don’t let the plant exposed to direct sunlight and simply put the plant in a shady spot with indirect sunlight.

Note The Watering

Does not recognize the character of plants can make you wrong in giving things that it needs. One of them is when watering. Most importantly, make sure no water is excessive so that plants do not overwater.

Clear of all Pests

Plants “sick” can also be caused by the presence of pest attack. Therefore, in order to save the plants, look at the arrival of pests and plants clean as much as possible.

Try to Put in a Greenhouse

Perhaps some plants require more humid environments, especially when you live ina cold area. If so, you can create a greenhouse or Conservatory. A simple way, put plastk above the plant and allow up to four or five days to give the plants a high arch.